About me

I am an IT-specialist with over 25 years of experience in the IT field ranging from development to digital solution architecture and project development.

I have done many successful Digital Experience implementations including b2c, b2e and b2b. In these implementations many technical challenges were involved including REST services, SOAP, JDBC, APIs and various backend integrations. My strength is in solving technical challenges and creating solutions that are both simple and future proof.

In 1996 I started my career as an IBM AS/400 RPG programmer. From 2000 I started with my first Java courses and projects and shifted my career to this area. In 2003 I was introduced into IBM WebSphere Portal, currently HCL Digital Experience, which I am still doing today. Over the years I have done numerous Portal projects that involved the integration of various backend systems: JDBC, SAP, SQL Server, Cognos, Lotus Notes.


  • IBM WebSphere Portal / HCL Digital Experience: since 2003
  • IBM / HCL Web Content Management: since 2005
  • IBM Forms Experience Builder / HCL Leap: since 2012
  • Bowstreet Portlet Factory / IBM Web Experience Factory: since 2007
  • IBM / HCL Connections: since 2013
  • Java: since 2000
  • HTML: since 2000
  • Javascript: since 2000