Dutch Tax Office
Since July 2016 I am working for the Dutch Tax Office. I helped in building their first Portal and Leap project. An online form that Dutch citizens can fill if they do not agree with their tax bill. I was also responsible for setting up the architecture where Portal, WCM, Leap and DTO custom web components are integrated which enables quick development for online forms.

Omron Europe
Responsible for developing the European Omron intranet. Using Java for backend integration and IBM Web Experience Factory for building the portlets. Also responsible for setting up the content management system.

I wrote a Java API wrapper to integrate the IBM / HCL Connections REST API. With this wrapper the Connections Forum application can be integrated into a diversity of other applications.

As a digital experience specialist I worked on the Aquafin intranet. I was responsible for the integration of Connections and the Cognos Data Warehouse for which I build the Java interface and the portlets.

As a digital experience specialist I worked on multiple b2b, b2c and b2e sites. Responsible for several Java interfaces, portlets and web content management setup.